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9th May 2024. Volume 5, Issue 1

21 days ago by Rail Personnel

​Dear Readers

We are looking for Power Traction Engineers, OCS Electrical, Telecommunication Engineer, Cost Controllers and Planners to work on the Brightline West High Speed Rail Project.

The 218-mile, all-electric high-speed rail service will include a flagship station in Las Vegas, with additional stations in Apple Valley, Hesperia, and Rancho Cucamonga. At 186+ miles per hour, trains will take passengers from Las Vegas, NV, to Rancho Cucamonga, CA, in just 2 hours and 10 minutes, twice as fast as the average drive time. Brightline West broke ground in early 2024 with an ambitious schedule of being open in time for the Los Angeles Summer Olympic Games in 2028.

Candidates must already have US Citizenship to be considered for these roles. If this is you, please send your CV to

And we are looking for a Rolling Stock Consultant to work in Taipei, Taiwan (candidates must be fluent in Mandarin) and in India, we are looking for a Contract Administration Expert to work in Delhi on the WDFC PMC-2.

Best Regards

Rail Personnel

Rail News

8th May 2024. Australia. Fed Gov invests in ACT transport

The Federal Government is making a number of investments in Canberra to support a more liveable and connected city. The government is injecting $50 million to plan for Stage 2B of the Canberra Light Rail. This work will design the extension of the current light rail line from Commonwealth Park to Woden, so that Canberra’s southern suburbs can experience the benefits of improved public transport currently enjoyed by those in the north.

Source: Infrastructure Magazine

8th May 2024. South Korea. New Korail high-speed train hits the lines

Korail’s new high-speed Hyundai Rotem train has entered limited service in May. The KTX-Cheong-Ryong, formerly known as EMU-320 or Korail Class 160000, is based on the design of the KTX-Eum. It has undergone several redesigns since the project’s inception in 2016. The trainsets will consist of eight cars, with driving cars at each end and powered-intermediate passenger cars in between. The nearly 200m-long trains are capable of 320km/h in service and will carry nearly 550 passengers at peak times.

Source: Railway Technology

8th May 2024. Germany. Siemens Mobility expands German depot with €150m investment

Siemens Mobility is investing €150m ($161m) into its service depot in Dortmund-Eving, Germany as it expands the site to increase capacity in response to growing demand for rail services in the region. The 70,000m2 site will be expanded to cover 157,550m2 over the next two years, with plans including a new service hall featuring storage, offices, and workshops to handle maintenance of trains up to 400m long.

Source: Railway Technology

8th May 2024. United States. DART Commences Testing Silver Line Stadler Trains

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) has commenced the testing phase for its Silver Line trains, which are due to enter revenue service between late 2025 and early 2026. In collaboration with Trinity Metro, DART has secured track availability to conduct rigorous tests on the new vehicles. The Silver Line trains are operational on local tracks along the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) route and are making brief stops at each station.

Source: Railway-News

8th May 2024. United Kingdom. Network Rail begins repairing the world-famous Glenfinnan viaduct

A £3.4m project to carry out repairs on the 123-year-old Glenfinnan viaduct is now underway.

Network Rail, along with their principal contractor, have set up a compound at the foot of the landmark, which sits 100ft above the River Finnan on the West Highland Line, 17 miles from Fort William. The work is part of Network Rail’s ongoing maintenance programme and will help futureproof the viaduct.

Source: Rail Technology Magazine

7th May 2024. United Kingdom. The Channel Tunnel Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Getlink and its subsidiary Eurotunnel are celebrating 30 years since the opening of the Channel Tunnel in 1994. In doing so, the company is acknowledging those who have contributed to the success of the project, as well as those who are continuing to shape the future of passenger, freight and energy transport between the UK, France and continental Europe. This comes at a time when the need to decarbonise trade is particularly highlighted, and Getlink asserts that the Channel Tunnel will be a key accelerator in this mission.

Source: Railway-News

7th May 2024. Malaysia. Klang Valley signalling contract awarded

Dhaya Maju Infrastructure (Asia) has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract to supply signalling for the Klang Valley Double Track Phase 2 project. The resignalling covers the commuter route launched 25 years ago which serves 29 stations between Salak Selatan and Seremban and between Abdullah Hukum and Pelabuhan Klang. The modernisation project includes 106 km of track, signalling and telecoms renewals. It also covers station enhancements to improve reliability, availability and the passenger experience and reduce energy consumption.

Source: Railway Gazette International

7th May 2024. Middle East. Turkey, Iraq, Qatar and UAE to develop Gulf to Europe rail corridor

Turkey, Iraq, Qatar and the UAE have signed a memorandum of understanding to create the Development Road, a 1 200 km railway and road corridor which would link Al-Faw container port in the Iraqi city of Basra with Turkey. The MoU was signed when Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visited Baghdad for meetings with Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammed S Al-Sudani during April. ‘The Development Road is not only to shorten distances but will turn into a bridge linking peoples’, said Al-Sudani.

Source: Railway Gazette International

Jobs of the Week

Chief Contract Administration Expert, Delhi, India

Job ID#: 14885

Discipline: Contracts

Language: English

Job Description:

Our client is seeking a Chief Contract Administration Expert for the WDFC PMC-2 in India.

The Chief Contract Administration Expert shall responsible for the contract administration/management of the Project as per requirements given in the PMC Service Agreement which include but not limited to followings:

1) Project Management Support - Prepare and implement coordination procedure, Advise and assist DFCCIL in the preparation of procedural system, Interact with DFCCIL's designated officers and staff on a regular basis, Attend DFCCIL's review meetings, Be available to attend meetings with JICA missions, Make use of MIS in carrying out its assignment, Assist the Employer in coordination with different agencies, Prepare and implement project control procedures, Prepare and implement document control procedures

2) Contract Management Support - Support preparation of correspondence to contractors, Manage claim control, Manage change control, Issue the relevant certificates as may be required in the DB works contracts documents., Available and coorperate to the full extent of its familiarity with the DB contract during DAB meetings, arbitration proceedings and other hearings held by the statutory and legal bodies.

3) Programme Management - Review a master project programme, Review contractors' programmes and associated progress, Monitor overall construction schedule and evaluate progress of overall construction work, recommend the countermeasures, Direct the Contractor to take necessary steps to maintain the rate of progress of work, In case the Contractor fails to achieve any of the Project Milestones, the PMC shall identify the causes of delays, and review the Program submitted by the Contractor., Identify the reason of the delay, review the project completion schedule and assess compensation to Contractor, if the works are suspended for reasons not attributable to the Contractor., Determination the disposition of any time extensions requested by the Contractor with their reasonableness.

4) Project Budget and Cost Management - Review project budget and cost plan, Estimate overall project cost, Assess the financial position and project long-term financial statement, Certify all contract payment and satisfy DFCCIL/MOR in monitoring the same, Make fair and reasonable assessments of the payment requests by the Contract, and certification full or partial payment, depending on its assessment of the Contract payment request., Determination the disposition of any cost proposals submitted by the Contractor with their reasonableness.

5) Communication Management - Internal Communication, Communication with Client, Communication with Contractors

6) Coordination with Client - Coordinate with DFCCIL HQ and MoR, Coordinate with respective HQ and divisions of Zonal Railways and DFCCIL Regional / Site Offices, Pay the most attention for close co-ordination with DFCCIL/MOR in the performance of all services. Give consent to Key position CV to be provided by the contractors as per provision of the contracts.

7) Reporting - Inception Report, Daily Report, Weekly Progress Report, Monthly Progress Report, Quarterly Report, Completion Report, Any Other Reports as sought by Employer for time to time

8) Recommend acceptance or rejection of completed work

9) Verify measurement of quantity of work executed and check payment certificate

10) Prepare integrated periodical reports

Position is initially for two years which might be extended.

Job Requirements

- Qualification criteria: Masters in Civil with Contract Management Experience on Railway Projects.

- Overseas Extensive experience on JICA and other funded projects is essential.

If you are interested, please send your updated cv highlighting JICA projects and overseas experience.

Contact: Rajni Tewani (

Rolling Stock Consultant, Taipei, Taiwan

Job ID#: 14886

Discipline: Rolling Stock

Language: Mandarin, English

Job Description:

Our client is seeking a Rolling Stock Consultant to work in Taipei, Taiwan.

Candidates must be fluent in Mandarin and English to be considered for this role.

Job Description

1. the design, technical studies, and management of railway system projects, including Rolling Stock and Interfaces systems.

2. Develop and review engineering specifications, standards, and procedures for railway system design and construction.

3. Collaborate with stakeholders, including clients, contractors, and regulatory agencies, to ensure compliance with project requirements and regulations.

4. Resolve technical challenges and optimize solutions to meet project objectives within budget and schedule constraints.

5. Mentor and coach engineers to foster professional development and knowledge sharing within the team.

6 To perform Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) activities for railway system.

7 To review the submission as well as preparing tender documents if required.

Job Requirements

1. Minimum of 20 -25 years of experience in railway system and 20-25 years in Rolling Stock system.

2 . In-depth knowledge of railway engineering principles, standards, and regulations.

4. Strong leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.

5. Good interpersonal and communication skills both in English and Chinese and teamwork skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with diverse stakeholders.

6. Professional engineering license or certification preferred.

7. Proficiency in written and spoken English and Chinese, and provide an English resume.

Contact: Patricia Hsiao (