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30th April 2024. Volume 4, Issue 4

30 days ago by Rail Personnel

​Dear Readers

We have some very sad news to report. Peter Shepherd who for many years was Head of Sales and Marketing working in Asia and Australia with GE and before that with Alstom passed away last week.

He was diagnosed with leukaemia after he got sick when he was in Malaysia at the end of last year and was told he had up to a year to live and was receiving treatment in Scotland. However he developed sepsis when being treated in hospital last week.

I know Peter was known to many of us and will be sadly missed. A great guy. Loved his Northern Yorkshire persona, straight talking and a great person to work with. Was a good family man and our hearts go out to his wife Jill and daughter Golly. Rest in peace Peter. You will be missed.

Our Job of the Week this week is in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates where we are looking for a Head of Network Development to be responsible for leading the railway network expansion and enhancement initiatives from conceptualization to the operational readiness stage.

Best Regards

Rail Personnel

Rail News

29 April 2024. Germany. DB Launches 2024 Infrastructure Renewal Programme

DB InfraGO AG has launched a comprehensive infrastructure programme to renew Germany’s railway network in 2024. This initiative focuses on enhancing existing infrastructure and stations as part of Deutsche Bahn’s Strong Rail strategy. In total, the programme will expand, modernise and renew over 2,000 kilometres of tracks, 2,000 switches, 150 bridges, and 1,000 stations, including prominent hubs like Duisburg, Dresden and Munich.

Source: Railway-News

29 April 2024. United Kingdom. UK’s first freight loco fitted with digital signalling tech begins testing

The UK’s rail infrastructure manager Network Rail has begun dynamic testing of its first freight locomotive fitted with European Train Control System (ETCS) technology, a significant step forward for the country’s digital signalling upgrades. DB Cargo locomotive 66039 of the UK’s principal freight fleet (Class 66) has completed static testing and has now been moved to Network Rail’s Rail Innovation and Development Centre (RIDC) to begin test of the test track there.

Source: Railway Technology

29 April 2024. Bulgaria. Stadler enters Bulgaria for first time with state’s KISS order

Rail manufacturer Stadler will see its trains rolled out in Bulgaria for the first time after signing an order with the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications for up to 10 KISS double-decker trains. The contract covers an initial order for seven of the electric trains with options for a further three rolling stock as well as 15 years of maintenance and staff training.

Source: Railway Technology

29 April 2024. Finland. Siemens Mobility to introduce ETCS L2 in Finland

Siemens Mobility is set to introduce ETCS train control system Level 2 to Finland as part of the ‘Digirail’ project, which aims to modernise the country’s train control infrastructure. Selected by the Finnish government’s Digital initiative, Siemens Mobility will spearhead the upgrade of the first section of Finland’s rail network. This includes the installation of the European Train Control System Level 2 (ETCS L2) and the Hybrid Train Detection (HTD) along a 191-kilometre stretch between Lielahti and Rauma-Pori.


26 April 2024. United Kingdom. Progress on construction of landmark HS2 viaduct

HS2 has released new images of the first completed sections of the landmark viaduct that will bring high speed trains to the new Curzon Street station in Birmingham. The completed sections mark the next step on the programme to build a series of viaducts to carry the railway through Birmingham’s industrial heartland and into the city centre. High speed trains will travel out of the west portal of the 3.5-mile Bromford Tunnel before crossing five viaducts – Duddeston, Curzon 1, Curzon 2, Lawley Middleway and Curzon 3 – on their way into Curzon Street station.

Source: Rail Technology Magazine

26 April 2024. United States. California High-Speed Rail Presents Its Sustainability Strategies

The California High-Speed Rail Authority has highlighted its continued progress to advance sustainability through the delivery of its electric high-speed rail line. This project will provide a sustainable and efficient form of transport in California from the end of the decade. From 2029, the California High Speed Rail system will run from San Francisco to Los Angeles in under three hours at speeds of over 200 miles per hour.

Source: Railway-News

24 April 2024. Australia. METRONET Yanchep line passenger services set to begin

The Federal and Western Australian Governments have announced that passenger train services on the new Yanchep Rail Extension will officially start on 15 July, marking a major milestone for the METRONET program. The METRONET Yanchep Rail Extension project has extended the Joondalup Line 14.5km north from Butler, with three new stations built in Alkimos, Eglinton and Yanchep.

Source: Infrastructure Magazine

23 April 2024. Indonesia. MRT Jakarta extension railway systems contract awarded

Operator MRT Jakarta has awarded a 4·2tr rupiah contract to Japan’s Sojitz Corp on April 17 to design and install the railway systems on the phase 2A extension of the Jakarta MRT North–South Line. The 5·8 km underground phase 2A is under construction between Bundaran HI and Kota. The agreement lasts for 75 months. It covers the production, delivery and installation of substation, power distribution, and overhead contact lines, plus signalling and telecommunications equipment, SCADA, trackwork and platform screen doors.

Source: Metro Report International

Job of the Week

Head of Network Development, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job ID#: 14856

Discipline: Operations

Language: English

Job Description:

Our client is seeking a Head of Network Development to be responsible for leading the railway network expansion and enhancement initiatives from conceptualization to the operational readiness stage. This includes freight and passenger rail network development, capacity assessment and enhancement, project implementation oversight, and operational readiness, ensuring seamless asset transition for operational commencement.

Accountabilties include:

- Strategic Network Development

- Development Project Specifications

- Network Development Oversight:

- Operational Readiness Coordination:

- Stakeholder Management:

- Financial Oversight and Resource Management

- Regulatory and Safety Compliance

- Rail Development Team Leadership

- Cross-Functional Integration and Knowledge Transfer

Job Requirements

* Degree in science, technology, engineering, or any degree combined with relevant experience. Masters preferred

* A minimum of 10 years of Relevant Experience. Extensive experience in transport planning and railway operations, specifically in developing new networks and operations. Excellent leadership and communication abilities

Contact: Jackie Hendry (