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15th December 2023. Volume 12 Issue 2

6 months ago by Rail Personnel

Dear Readers,


We are proud to be supporting Rail Solutions Asia 2024 which will take place from 15th to 17th May 2024 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Malaysia.


Regarded by many as the best railway show in Asia, this annual show combines a wide-ranging exhibition, a comprehensive conference programme and the Annual Congress of the Asian Railway Operators Association and provides ‘A one-stop solution for all your product and information needs’ including 2500 m² exhibition space, 2000+ participants, 120 conference delegates and 10 Asian railway operators.


For more details, visit:


We have 4x exciting Jobs of the Week this week. In Brisbane, Australia we are looking for a Senior Network Engineer and in Kumamoto, Japan we are looking for an Accounting Assistant.


In the Middle East, we are looking for an Operational Readiness Expert to work in Abu Dhabi and an Asset Management Expert to work in Saudi Arabia.

Best regards,

Rail Personnel

Rail News


13 December 2023. Brazil. Alstom invests in Brazil amid strong outlook for South American metro sector

Alstom will start manufacturing 22 six-car trainsets for São Paulo Line 6 at its nearby Taubaté factory at the beginning of 2024, Michel Boccaccio, President of Alstom Brazil & Senior Vice-President for Latin America, told Metro Report International on December 1. The 15·3 km São Paulo metro Line 6 is under construction between Brasilândia in the northwest and São Joaquim on Line 1. Boccaccio says that Alstom has a contract with project promoter Linha Universidade, a joint venture of Acciona (47%), Societe Generale (39·7%), Stoa (12.3%) and Transdev (1%), which is responsible for construction and operation of the line.

Source: Metro Report International


12 December 2023. United Kingdom. Hundreds of HS2 contracts ready for bidding in 2024

Over 3,200 companies are currently contributing to the construction of HS2, however the project is now on the hunt for more local companies to further expand its pool of suppliers. To achieve this, HS2 has released details of over 300 work packages that its construction partners will procure over the next 18 months. The 140-mile HS2 network, encompasses four new stations and two depots between London and Birmingham with UK businesses to date, having secured over £17 billion worth of contracts. The project is expecting 2024 to bring even more opportunities to participate.

Source: Rail Technology Magazine


12 December 2023. Italy. RFI starts construction to connect Venice airport to the rail network

Italian rail infrastructure manager RFI started constructing a railway connection to Marco Polo Airport in Venice, on Monday 11 December. It will be connected to the Mestre-Trieste route. Activation of the new link is scheduled for December 2025 and an influx of tourists is expected in the area during the upcoming Milan Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics. Work started on Monday by RFI at the construction site in Tessera, Venice, to build a railway connection between the city and its airport.



12 December 2023. Scotland. New Glasgow Subway rolling stock used on passenger services

The world’s third-oldest underground passenger railway, the Glasgow Subway in Scotland, has begun passenger services with its new rolling stock from Stadler. Opened in 1897, the Glasgow Subway has a unique shape and size, which significantly limits space both in stations and on the trains. The new rolling stock is therefore the same external dimensions as the trains it replaces. The trains were custom made, as off-the-shelf options would simply not fit in Glasgow’s tunnels.

Source: Railway Technology

12 December 2023. United Kingdom. Second giant HS2 tunnel boring machine gets ready to start digging under Birmingham

A team of 90 specialist engineers have completed the assembly of HS2’s giant tunnel boring machine (TBM) which will start digging the second bore of the 3.5 mile Bromford Tunnel into Birmingham next year. In an assembly operation to move sections of the machine into a 12-metre deep launch pit, two 600 tonne cranes lifted the huge 125 tonne cutterhead into place at the front of the 125 metre long machine in the pit bottom.

Source: Rail UK


11 December 2023. United States. $8.2 Billion in Federal Funding for US Passenger Rail Network

On Friday 8 December, the US Department of Transportation’s Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) announced 8.2 billion USD in grants for high-speed rail and pipeline projects across the US. This funding will benefit 10 projects in 9 states that are ready for construction, as well as 69 corridors in 44 states that have been identified for future development. This investment builds on 16.4 billion USD in funding announced last month for 25 projects along the Northeast Corridor.

Source: Railway-News

Job of the Week

​Senior Network Engineer, Brisbane, Australia

Job ID#: 14813

Discipline: Telecommunications

Position Type: Permanent

Language: English

Job Description:

Our client is seeking an enthusiastic self-motivated Senior Network Engineer who thrives in a fast-paced environment. The successful candidate is comfortable performing a wide range of tasks from administrative to strategic. The position is based in Brisbane, Australia.

You will work on the design and implementation of communications projects that incorporate radio sites, microwave links, IP nodes, solutions for voice and data communications, Fiber Optic and copper-based transmission systems, power supply systems, and related ancillary systems.

As part of the engineering design and delivery team, you will work directly within the communications engineering team and will be primarily responsible for design, testing and integration activities related to IP networks.


* Develop high level & detailed design documentation for various projects.

* Hands on configuration and integration on multiple routing and switching equipment.

* Participate in factory and site testing and commissioning activities.

* Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders.

* Diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve network issues.

Primarily responsible for design, testing and integration activities related to IP networks as Senior Network Engineer.

Job Requirements

* CCNP qualified Network Engineer with minimum 10+ years" experience

* Bachelor's degree in engineering or equivalent.

* Extensive experience in Cisco routing and switching technologies.

* Strong understanding of the following technologies: IP/MPLS, BGP4 and OSPF

* Strong project experience with an ability to manage priorities and multitask.

* Demonstrated experience in engineering report writing.

* Experience working in the Rail sector.

Contact: Renee Wade (

Accounting Assistant, Kumamoto, Japan

Job ID#: 13622

Discipline: Finance

Position Type: Permanent

Language: Mandarin, Japanese

Job Description:

Our client is seeking an Accounting Assistant

Duties & responsibilities will include:

* Routine accounting processing and cooperating with the parent company's closing operations

* Accounting-related report production and tax business processing

* Cooperate with tax accountants/accountants to provide relevant report information

* Tasks assigned by supervisor

Job Requirements

* Fluency in Mandarin and Japanese

* Previous experience in a similar role is essential

Contact: Patricia Hsiao (

Asset Management Expert, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job ID#: 14824

Discipline: Asset Management

Position Type: Contract

Language: English

Duration: 1 year

Job Description:

For this project we are seeking an Asset Maintenance Manager for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia :

The Asset Maintenance Manager is a key role in a railway project responsible for overseeing the maintenance and management of all assets associated with the railway infrastructure. This includes tracks, bridges, signaling systems, rolling stock, stations, and other critical components. The primary objective of the Asset Maintenance Manager is to ensure the efficient and safe operation of the railway system by implementing effective maintenance strategies and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Responsibilities are to:

* Develop and implement a comprehensive maintenance strategy for all railway assets, considering factors such as asset lifecycle, safety requirements, budget constraints, and regulatory compliance.

* Lead and supervise a team of maintenance technicians, engineers, and support staff. Provide guidance, training, and support to ensure the team's performance meets the required standards.

* Establish and monitor preventive maintenance schedules to ensure regular inspections and servicing of assets, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and downtime.

* Respond to and coordinate the resolution of asset-related issues, breakdowns, and emergencies promptly to minimize disruptions to railway operations.

* Collaborate with project stakeholders to allocate resources effectively, including budget planning for maintenance activities, equipment, and workforce requirements.

* Ensure all maintenance activities adhere to safety regulations and industry standards to promote a safe working environment for staff and passengers.

* Implement a system to monitor and evaluate asset performance, collect data on asset condition and reliability, and use this information to make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

* Collaborate with suppliers and contractors to obtain necessary spare parts, equipment, and maintenance services, ensuring they meet quality standards and contractual obligations.

* Identify potential risks to asset integrity and develop mitigation plans to minimize risks and their impact on railway operations.

* Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, asset performance, and compliance reports. Prepare regular reports for senior management and relevant stakeholders.

* Stay updated with the latest railway industry regulations, standards, and best practices to ensure the project's compliance.

Job Requirements:

Skills for the role include:

* Knowledge of railway systems, infrastructure, and associated assets.

* Familiarity with railway maintenance standards, regulations, and safety protocols.

* Strong leadership and team management skills.

* Excellent problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills.

* Effective communication and interpersonal skills for collaborating with diverse stakeholders.

* Budgeting and resource management expertise.

* Ability to work under pressure and manage time effectively in a fast-paced railway environment.

* 20 years working Experiences

* English fluently, Arabic would be an advantage

* User skills in MS Office programs incl. MS Project

* Ideally someone who has an excellent understanding of depot facilities.

* Background in both signalling and rolling stock would be advantageous

* Must be under 55

Contact: Jackie Hendry (

Operational Readiness Expert, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Job ID#: 14828

Discipline: Operations

Language: English

Job Description:

Our client is seeking an Operational Readiness Expert to work in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The Operational Readiness Expert is responsible for facilitating the effective implementation of new operations and services within the railway network. This encompasses developing operating plans with subsidiary companies, determining resource requirements, supporting with regulatory approvals, managing operational readiness budgeting processes, overseeing operator preparedness and asset delivery, and supporting a smooth transition to planned steady-state operations.

Accountability Areas:

Operating Plans Development and Implementation:

* Activities: Oversee the operators development of comprehensive operating plans for new services, outlining procedures, delivery schedules, and performance targets.

* Deliverables: Operating Plans, Implementation Schedules of New Services.

Resource Assessment and Allocation:

* Activities: Oversee the allocation of necessary resources for new operations, promoting optimal utilization and efficiency for the ramp-up phase, and steady-state phase.

* Deliverables: Resource Allocation Plans.

Regulatory Approval and Compliance:

* Activities: Support with accusation of all necessary regulatory approvals for new operations, checking for full compliance with all relevant laws and standards.

* Deliverables: Regulatory Compliance Reports.

Budget Management and Financial Planning:

* Activities: Manage the budgeting for operational readiness, including budget planning and cost analysis.

* Deliverables: Operational Readiness Budget Plans.

Job Requirements

* Degree in science, technology, engineering, or any degree combined with relevant experience.


* A minimum of 8 years of Relevant Experience. Extensive experience in railway operations, specifically in implementing new services and operations. Excellent leadership and communication abilities.

Certifications Preferable:

* Leadership and communication

* Project management certificate

* Rail management certification

Contact: Jackie Hendry (