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Real Serious Games (RSG) Rail Training Solutions

​Real Serious Games (RSG) provides simulation solutions for training across multiple industries. With expertise in hardware and software, RSG offers complete end to end solutions, both custom made and off the shelf, depending on your specific needs.

Our Rail Solutions encompasses both hardware and software used in simulated training scenarios. Whether you need fully immersive virtual reality, to simulate train driving, or mobile applications for trainee assessments, we are able to bundle our off the shelf solutions to suit your current and future needs.


RSG Complete Rail Training Solution includes:

* Identification of your business challenge

* Packaging of solution specific to your business needs

* Hardware and Software packaged to specifications

* Delivery and Support to suit your specific solution



* RSG develop the most accurate, physics-based training simulations for the rail industry.

* Our training solutions are used for Train Drivers, Situational Awareness, Track Workers, Signal Engineers, from inductions to highly complex scenarios for rail technical experts.


How do RSG Rail Solutions work?

* Identification: Initial engagement includes consultation with our expert team, with backgrounds in both simulation technology and rail training. Our process helps identify your core challenges and how simulation technology may be leveraged as a solution.

* Packaging: Our unique off the shelf solutions include Hardware and Software packages, covering mobile and fixed location setups. Need a custom solution? We work with you to develop new and engaging training simulations according to your needs.

* Delivery & Support: Through workshopping your solution we will identify your ideal delivery methods and provide support which gives you confidence and security. Whether it's ongoing 24/7 remote support or simple on site setup to go, we will be there for you.