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Job No. Title Discipline Role City Country
10616 Technical Manager, Rolling Stock Rolling Stock   Shanghai China
10615 System Engineer Systems Engineering   Ho Chi Minh Vietnam
10613 Planner Scheduler Telecommunications   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10608 Engineering Manager Signalling Management  Delhi India
10602 Testing and Commissioning Manager Testing & Commissioning   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10601 Installation Manager Installation & Commissioning   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10600 Project Manager Project Manager   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10598 Signalling Engineer Systems Engineering Safety  Kowloon Hong Kong
10596 E&M - Power Supply Engineer E&M   Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10576 Site Supervisors Telecommunications Site Supervisor  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10575 Site Manager Telecommunications Site Supervisor  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
10574 Installation Manager Telecommunications Management  Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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