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Job No. Title Discipline Role City Country
12341 Environmental Officer Environmental Project Management  Sydney Australia
12254 Interface & Integration Engineer Interface Coordination Interface Engineer  Melbourne Australia
12318 Project Director Project Manager   Melbourne Australia
12317 Project Manager Project Manager Project Management  Melbourne Australia
12280 Project Managers Project Manager Planning  Brisbane Australia
12253 Requirements Engineer Requirements Engineer Management  Brisbane Australia
11999 Rolling Stock Engineer Rolling Stock Project Management  Sydney Australia
11776 Rolling Stock Lead Rolling Stock Consultant  Melbourne Australia
12237 Senior Systems / Signalling / Communications Engineer Signalling Systems Engineer  Melbourne Australia
12306 Signal Technician Signalling Maintenance  Pilbara Australia
12215 Signalling Design Engineers Signalling Design  Melbourne Australia
12285 Platform Screen Door (PSD) Project Manager Platform Screen Doors Construction Management, Design,
Testing and Commissioning
Montreal Canada

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